What Should Men Do Before Marriage

Image Credit: lifehack.org

1>.Go buy your levis jeans, your ray ban aviators and those cartoon print t shirts that you are very fond of. Why? Because if you think that after marriage, you’ll have the time, mood and of course, the permission to buy these, then you are unfortunately mistaken. Your wife’s taste and her father’s taste, both are not going to let you appear in such a freaky (as per her and her father), funky (as per you) outfit anymore!

2>.Yes, Buy the CDs, take an off from work and warm the couch while watching the action or the sci-fi movies that you have been delaying to watch since long. Because the next time you will be really wanted to watch such a movie will be 50 years from now.

3>.Either with friends or alone, but do take a crazy bike ride before you get married. Because after marriage, even a murmur of your ‘bike ride plan’ in her ear, might not only sue the plan but your bike as well.

4>.This one is very important because after marriage, even the color of the upper belt of your underwear will have her influence, so let alone the hair cut! And once, you’ve got that haircut, there’s hardly she can do about it apart from howling over your ears.

5>.Well, this one is the most important. Men must learn to change themselves for the better! They must agree when she says that the military cut would suit them more, they must learn to dress up decently and drive safely. After all, she is your world now. If she can leave her entire world to come and live with you, you can at least give up on some of those freaky habits of yours! Can’t you? (Wink)