Stretching Exercises Before Going to gym

Stretching exercises are actually a great workout you can do every morning. Stretching exercises not only makes your body flexible, but it also helps you in cutting on those body flabs that you have! Here are the five interesting stretching exercises, you must do every morning!

(1) Touch the ground:-

Stand straight and then bend yourself down with both your hands stretched towards the floor, trying to touch the ground with your palms. Keep standing in this position for as long as you can. This will affect your thighs and calves.

(2) Sit down with legs apart:-

Sit down with your legs apart to the maximum, now twist your upper body to the left, trying to touch the floor at the back of your left and then do similarly a twist to your right. Keep doing it till you start feeling the pain at your sides.

(3) Twist to the back:-

Stand straight with your legs open, now twist only your upper body to the left and then to the right. Keep doing it, but do not let your lower body move at all. This will help reduce your waist.

(4) Sit down and touch the ground:-

Again sit down with your legs apart to the maximum, and now try to touch the ground with your head from between your legs. Hold yourself in this position for ten seconds and then release. Keep doing it for a few minutes.

(5) Touch the sky:-

Stand straight with your hands up in the air and your feet stretched upwards, as if you are trying to touch an imaginary sky. Keep stretching yourself upwards and feel the pain in your calves, thighs and arms.