Are you suffering from hair loose problem? Your hair becomes thin, unhealthy and hair breakage problem gradually increasing? Well, we are going to give you an ultimate solution for your hair breakage problem. If you are starting to loose your hair, and have used so many ways to stop or to prevent it, then don’t panic.

There are lots of hair loss solutions that you can easily try and get an exclusive result.

Recovery of Hair Loss

Coconut Milk: It is one of the richest sources of plant derivatives and tissue-nourishing. Crush the shred coconut and squeeze it to release its juice. You need to massage coconut milk (its juice) on your scalp. It helps in the management of hair fall.


Aloe Vera juice: Aloe Vera juice is very helpful and effective to prevent hair loss problem. Pure aloe gel can be used directly to your scalp. This is beneficial for preventing hair loss due to dry, infected and irritated scalp. Aloe Vera basically balances the pH level of your scalp. To get an effective result, after massaging your head with aloe gel, leave it as usual for few hours and then clean your hair with lukewarm water. You should follow this process twice a week to get fruitful results.

Home Remedies for Recovery of Hair Loss

Oil Message: Regular massaging your scalp for a few minutes with lukewarm oil will help to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. Coconut oil aids in controlling hail fall. You can use other oil also, such as almond oil; jojoba oil; lavender oil; mustard oil. Oilling is good thing that can help in replacing the sebum in the scalp. It also aids to control dandruff.



Neem Treatment: Neem has multi benefits. It is one of the useful ingredient for hair growth and its health. It has lots of benefits or goodness, either for health or beauty. Additionally, when it comes to beauty, it has unbelievable and effective hair benefits too.
How to use:
You need to boil neem leaves in water until the water level falls down to half its initial quantity and after that cool it.
Wash off your hair with this effective mixture once a week.



how to Recovery of Hair Loss

Amla: One another important component that can take care of your hair i.e. Amla. You need to boil dried amla in coconut oil till the oil converts into black color. After that massage your scalp with this oil. This is one of the effective as well as very easy home remedy to prevent hair loss problem.

There are also another ways where we can add amla in you hair care routine. Apply shikakai and amla powder than you can purchase in ayurvedic stores. Mix them both and make a paste. Apply this to your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash off after a few minutes. But, if you have dry hair, do not you the shikakai. Another effective method is to drink shikakai and amla juice. Usually it also tastes not good but once you skip the preference of the taste buds, you will definitely delivers fruitful result.


Natural Home made pack for Recovery of Hair Loss

Hair Fall Preventing Pack: Applying hair pack is also good for your hair. You can made hair pack at your home as well. This preventive hair pack is beneficial for all types of hair. Here are a few hair pack which you can prepare and apply at your home.

1: Aloe combined with herbal shikakai, neem powder and amla delivers lustrous hair.

2: Egg whites, curd and henna when mixed together prevents hair fall.

3: Honey, olive oil, cinnamon mixed together make for a soothing yet effective hair growth pack.



Avoid Eating Junk Foods: The habit of eating junk foods can harm your body function and its side effect is hair breakage.

If you are leading unhealthy lifestyle, eating junk and all these unhealthy habits can cause to hair loss due to high level of toxins in the body. It is recommended to take plenty of water in a day.
\To Prevent Hair Breakage & Make Healthy Shinning Hair, Follow These Effective Tips At Your Home!