hy You Should Never Trust Anyone

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Never Trust Anyone Blindly

The reason why we have kept the word ‘Anyone’ bold, must be quite clear to you! Yes, because by anyone, we literally mean ANYONE! It Doesn’t matter if you do not have a single reason to doubt on someone, it doesn’t matter if you know someone since ages now, doesn’t matter if someone is as close to you as your own soul, doesn’t matter if someone has never betrayed you before, you must never ever trust ANYONE blindly. Here we tell you why.

1. The other person is still and will always be, the ‘other’ person:-

You can only analyze, calculate and predict accordingly, about someone. You can never bet on how and what he/she may be. After all, he is not ‘you’ and you are not ‘him’, so how can you say so strongly about someone other than yourself!

2. You can never guarantee about lifetime:-

It may be that the other person is and has been true to you always. But who holds the guarantee that he will remain true to you, for the lifetime. What has happened in the past and what is happening in the present, need not necessarily decide on what will happen in the future as well. You may stay happy about everything happening in the present, but do not ever assume things to remain so, forever!

3. Things do change with time:-

As the time progress, situations changes, circumstances changes and changes the whole personality of a person! It is not always necessary that someone who breaks your trust has always been a cheater before. It can be that the change in time and situations have taken a toll on his personality, urging him to become this way!

4. Sometimes, situations are such:-

You may not know, but sometimes the situation around the other person may be such that he/she is bound to do something, that may offend you and that may shatter your trust from him/her. Thinking that the other person is never ever going to cheat on you in any way and that you can trust him/her blindly is a silly mistake that we make often, because there always remain such unprecedented and unavoidable factors that can turn the whole picture around, anytime!

5. The ‘hurt’ is not worth the ‘trust’:-

Trusting someone blindly does make the relationship stronger, better and happier. But what when the trust is shattered within minutes? Then the hurt caused, is way more distressing and painful than the happiness you have had experienced before. And therefore, the ‘hurt’ is simply not worth the ‘trust’. You may lead a healthy relationship through mutual understanding and fair trust on each other, but simply relying on that person like you are blind folded, will always remain the biggest mistake you can ever make! So, keep in mind!