Privity Things Men Like Women Longing to Know

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Some things are never told and said. And such are some of the secret feelings of us men. We don’t want you to get hurt and therefore we might never tell these to you on your face. But yes, we do wish, if you could just know them! Here are the ten things we wish, you knew!

1. Men can’t handle multiple things:

We men are generally single minded and unable to handle multiple tasks at a time. So, avoid talking to us or interrupting us when we are up to something real. We might just ignore you, not because we don’t care, but because we fear messing up either of the things! But yes, if something is really wrong, and you want our help, do let us know. We are at your service!

2. Beer and friends are to us as handbags and dresses are to you:

We want you to know that we too have a set of things, other than you, that makes us happy and provides us with the internal bliss. And some of those are beer and our friends!

3. Crying makes us feel ‘bound’:-

When you cry, we cry too! We feel so much bounded and trapped into the situation, from which, in order to get out, we are not left with many options. In short, crying is straight blackmailing!

4. We are not mind readers, but we still do care!

Sometimes, we might not be able to understand what you are thinking and that what is it that is possibly making you upset, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care! We care and we love you..still!

5. We believe in solving your problems, and not sympathizing!

If you have a certain problems and issues, then do come to us with them, but don’t expect us to only sympathize you. Because we would rather choose to practically solve your problems as soon as possible!

6. We do say things out of only and only ‘anger’. Please forgive!

We do have a control on our emotions, but sometimes we loose it and do something hurtful. We do regret it, believe us! Believe us when we say ‘we said it out of anger’ and for god’s sake don’t taunt us about it for the whole pending lifetime!

7. If you’re showing it. Don’t complain!

If you want to wear the hot shots with a low neckline crop top, you should not be complaining about being stared at! You better go and see for yourself!

8. Please never say ‘nothing’!

We know something is wrong, and we are genuinely asking you out! So, don’t dare to say ‘nothing’, because we REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

9. Respect us!

We are overly sensitive when it comes to our ego and our dignity. Never go down to the level, where you badly hurt any of the two! We might just not be able to recover ever!

10. We are men and you are women!

Understand that there’s surely a difference between us two. Don’t expect us to be like your girlfriends! We have a different perspective to things and a different approach altogether! Kindly let us be ‘us’.